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Intellectual Property Library

On the basis of the National Intellectual Property Centre of Georgia “Sakpatenti”, an intellectual property library is functioning, which houses a unique and ever-renewable collection of patent information.

The library users can get for free:

· Information on the identification of protectable industrial property objects and drawing up application properly;
· Primary assistance for the establishment of international classification index of an object submitted for registration and the class of goods of a trademark;
· Copies of patent specifications and related legal acts.

In the library readers have all conditions to get acquainted with:

·        Specifications of  patents registered at Sakpatenti;
·        Patent information of foreign countries on CD and DVD-ROM disks;
·        Related literature in the field of intellectual property published in the Georgian and foreign languages;
·        Publications of  Sakpatenti:
·        Official bulletins of  industrial property;
·        Search engine  systems;
·        Annual reports;
·        International classifications translated into the Georgian language;
·        Books, magazines, brochures, etc.

The National patent collection existing in the library of Sakpatenti at present includes up to 6900 specifications of inventions and utility models, which are stored on electronic carriers in the form of system and numeration catalogs compiled in accordance with the official bulletins of industrial property and international classifications.
The library of Sakpatenti stores patent information of a number of foreign countries on CD and DVD-ROM disks. This includes patent documentation of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the European Patent Office, Austria, Russia, France, Japan and USA. More than 1000 titles of related intellectual property literature are available to readers: publications of the World Intellectual Property Organization, various international patent classifications in the Georgian and foreign languages, scientific-technical literature, encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books. 
Address: 5, Antioch Street, 3300, Mtskheta, Georgia.
Tel.: 2 25 25 32