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Sakpatenti has been informed that organization “IP Direct – International Patent & Trademark Directory” is sending letters to applicants of international trademarks and their representatives, requesting payment of trademark registration/publication fees.

We inform you that this organization does not have anything in common with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We also highlight that information on registration of international trademarks is published in the “WIPO Gazette of International Trademarks”, it is the only official publication of the Madrid system.

It is noteworthy that any fee established for benefiting from the Madrid system shall be paid by applicants to WIPO in Swiss Francs.

We ask you to be careful with any letters received from unknown organizations concerning payment of fees for unlawful services. In case of receiving similar correspondence of doubtful origin please consult patent attorneys or contact us: info@sakpatenti.org.ge, tel.: 2 25 25 33.