Patent and Trademark Attorney, Attorney at Law

 Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Partner at Legal Partners Associated, LLC

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1998 – 2002                         Tbilisi State University -  Lawyer (Graduated with honors);

1992 – 1998                         Georgian Technical University -Doctor of Technical Sciences;

1994 – 1995                         Georgian Technical University, Republic of Georgia UNESCO Education Fund- Economic and Business Relations Faculty -Manager                                                               

1987 – 1990                         Georgian Polytechnic Institute - Degree of a Candidate of Technical Sciences                                     

1982 - 1985                       Georgian Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Public Professions-Translator of scientific-technical Literature (the English lang.). Graduated with honors

1981 – 1986                         Georgian Polytechnic Institute- Metallurgical engineer. Graduated with honors



 2011 – till present          Georgian Technical University, The Center Studying Productive Forces and Natural

Resources of Georgia; from Specialist to Director

2008 – 2009                         N.P.O. Leadership School; Executive director

2006 – 2010                         P.L.E. The Center Studying Productive Forces and Natural Resources of Georgia - Lawyer

2004 – till present            Attorney at Law

2003–2006                           Joint-Stock Com. Mining-metallurgical Holding Company of Georgia - Chairman of the Liquidation Commission

2002 – 2009                         Patent Bureau of The Patent and Trademark Attorney of Georgia, Academician Ir. Zhordania;

Assistant to the Patent Attorney

1995-2002                            Joint-Stock Com. Mining-metallurgical Holding Company of Georgia - from Engineer to Vice President

1994                                       ACCELS (American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study) (USA) office in Tbilisi - Program Assistant

1986 – till present           Georgian Technical University-from Research Fellow to - Full Professor.



Member of the Senate of Georgian Technical University;

Corresponding Member of the Georgian Engineering Academy;

Member of Georgian Bar Association (GBA);

Academic Title of Professor;

The Expert of Accreditation;

Awarded the Medal of Honor



English – Reading and Translation

Russian – Fluent.